San Diego Printing-Digital Printing Types Done Today

14 November 2010  chris6347stanley, No Comments

Digital printing refers to printing out a photo which originally was in an electronic file. In today’s modern world, there are more and more people who opt for having their print printed out using digital printing. This is a good idea, because you can alter and change the print easily. This page is a good source of info about the various digital printing types.

The first type is the print on demand type. This type allows clients to print out small orders of printing. This is also recommended for your clients who wants to restock their printed materials. A colored digital printer is utilized for this. Now for those high quality printing orders a digital imaging press machine is used.

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Second is the variable image printing. This type is customized and personalized printing. A database is used here to make the information the same but will use a different design. Each client that avails of the printing type can customize their order design. Customers usually appreciate this type of print, because it is less generic and more personalized. The database in the computer will then save the client’s preferences to further speed up the service in the future. This type of printing is perfect for providing the same information to a group, while adjusting the information to each individual recipient.

And finally we have the web-to-print digital printing. This type is almost like the second one we just discussed except that you do it over the internet. Customers just need to log on to a print management program to be able to customize it. Your clients can just select the images that they want printed. After proof reading everything they can send it back to the printing company. After the printing order is done it is delivered to the client.

These are the types of digital printing that are done today. This is a great help for busy people in our fast paced world.

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